What is Gods Frequency ?

God – The Source, The Niraakar Bhagwan, The Paramaatma, The Supersoul…as mysterious as we have thought and imagined, is actually so simple and lucid that we fail to comprehend its reach from minuscule to massive to the infinite presence in timelessness.

Every matter in The Universe has a soul and every soul has God frequency. Being so uninformed and singular in character, this force manipulates The Universal events as it is omnipresent and omnipotent but unknown and unseen. God frequency is the highest frequency ever known. It has Divine Power, Divine Love and Divine Intelligence. It cannot be touched or seen but felt and experienced. To understand, realise and appreciate God frequency we need to experience it. It heals and harmonises all aspects of our life – physical, emotional, mental, financial and personal. When God Frequency is channelled, which is actually seen as God’s Love, many problems are taken care of. One experiences divine presence and peace in daily life problems.

God’s Love offers Spiritual Enlightenment to change your life and to achieve your life purpose. God’s Love enlightens you to understand who You truly are and spiritually empowers you to achieve all the happiness and your desires. The purpose of God’s Love is Spiritual Empowerment. Everything in God’s Love is about Spiritual Empowerment. When you are one with God, you become a powerful healing channel of God’s Love. This puts you in God Frequency mode to heal yourself and others with God’s Love. You have the power to transform, change all things and create everything you desire in your life – greater than what you currently have and more than what you can imagine.

The purpose of God’s Love is to create The World.


World Enlightenment includes every human – from you an enlightened soul who has the ability to be present in your life in every moment and also being in connection with God. It’s the ability to be physically active and also are in Oneness with God and the whole Universe. Your Enlightenment is World Enlightenment.

The purpose of God’s Love is Spiritual Transformation of World. Being God’s Love Healing Channel, you become capable of healing the world and healing everyone around you. You just being present brings transformation in the people around you. Your higher frequency raises the overall vibrations of the place. You become the cause of positive effects in the world.

You become the Spiritual Gift that this world requires.