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About Dr. Cherly Dabhi

Doctor in naturopathy sciences, Dr. Cheryl Dabhi had very strong inclinations towards energetic healing and alternative healing. She became an energy healer in 2005, exploring different modalities of alternative and energetic healing ranging from pranic healing, rekie, theta healing, soul healing, angel therapy, tarot reading, angel reading, douzing, vastu, access bar, and much more…. From many renounced international gurus.

She got amazing results with her therapies and healings….But there was more to happen…

The deeper she dived into the healings, she was led by spiritual guides to higher consciousness until she got Enlightened in October 2013.

Since then she started serving all humanity. She realized divine intervention in her healings and that she is a God Frequency Channel. This became her soul purpose to serve God’s Love, humanity and Mother Earth. Today she channels God’s Love Healing to more than 1000 people around the globe every night from 11.11 pm to 6 am their local time. To experience God’s Love Healing please feel free to contact her on Whatsapp no. +91 9987711177